We bring together startups,
resources and venture capital

Virtual Business is an innovative digital platform for matching and recruitment between entrepreneurs and resources. It is open to all and without screening. It's business unusual.

Work smarter. Faster. Together.

Virtual Business helps entrepreneurs to match the need for resources and skills with individuals, groups or organizations. Entrepreneurs get a platform that enables their chances to succeed faster with their startups through recruitment within our network and ecosystem. In addition, minimizing the need for venture capital. As a resource, you get a platform of networking, skills and advantageous finances. It's win-win.

This is how it works

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    Start by signing up for a Virtual Business membership in three simple steps. After login you will have access to the network and will be part of the ecosystem.

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    Then create your project using the platform publishing tools. Invite individuals or groups with the appropriate skills to actively participate / contribute to the project.

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    Begin transforming your own product ideas into one of the world's most complete startup platforms for collaboration, team building and exchange of skills and services.

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Elevate your startup and grow faster in collaboration with other teams

Register and be detected so that your startup can grow through online trading and internal resources while keeping an eye on your closest competitors.

Virtual Business offers:

A digital network and ecosystem for matching demand / need with resources in society and recruitment.

Exposure of your business idea for individuals with resources, companies and organizations.

Country home partnership with others.

Internal e-share trading site for virtual share trading between the contractor and those who contribute with the resources.

Access to our Virtual Business Centers for physical meetings.


Positive personal development for you and benefit to society

Everyone deserves a fare opportunity to self-worthiness. Therefore, we give equal chance to everyone to chose to be an active part of any project that might suite their preferences and ability best.

Active resources get a contact network and ekeosystem that involves establishing contacts and opportunities for cooperation.

A chance to enter the labor market.

Active in the network is meaningful employment and valuable professional experience.

You get certificates and virtual participations in startups you are active in thanks to our digital share trading system.


Create innovation faster in collaboration with startups

Virtual Business mission is to create positive development for the entire community. A direct effect of the business will be increased employment and the creation of new companies.

You can create your company or organization profile page with the profile content.

Access funding data and other parameters.

You can also access detailed information about your leads.

For public actors, it means reduced costs and thus freeing resources to help more entrepreneurs.

Financiers minimize the risks of their investments.

Our team

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    Souheil 'Sosso' Bcheri

    Founder sosso@virtualbusiness.se +46 70-602 42 42
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    Pascale Samri El Chammas

    VD pascale@virtualbusiness.se +46 70-432 32 90

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